Academic Advising Appointment Scheduling Software

Online scheduler software ideal for use in student advisory offices

Academic Advising Appointment Scheduling SoftwareWorking as an Academic Advisor can be hectic.  With that, you have certain times of the year that can be even crazier.  However, there is some modern technology that can make your life as a student advisor even easier!  GigaBook’s academic advising appointment scheduling software will do the scheduling work for you, and it only takes a few minutes to setup!

Before we get too far into this, let’s discuss a few reasons why it makes sense to use online scheduling software on your campus:

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Save time by offering your available time slots online

When you make your schedule available online you remove the entire conversation related to your available times.  Think about how much time and effort you can save by no longer needing to play phone tag with those that need to meet with you!

Share calendars and availability with co-workers

Shared calendars create added efficiency at your office, when everyone has access to each other’s calendars it makes coordinating meetings and other functions easier!  You can block off the times you aren’t available as well, making it fast and easy for those you work with to set up or request meetings with you.

Those that you advise want to schedule appointments at different times

As you are already aware, students keep interesting schedules, they also aren’t known for being responsible all of the time.  When you use online appointment scheduling software, your students can make appointments with you 24 hours a day!  If they remember to schedule an appointment at 3 AM, that’s not a problem, they can find the times that you are available online and pick one that works for them!

Increase the rate of successful appointments with automated reminders

If you have an issue with no-show appointments then GigaBook’s automatic email or text message reminders can help.  Set up reminders to be sent at the times that make sense for you!