Academic Advisor Scheduling, Appointment Software

Academic Advisor Scheduling SoftwareIn the world of academia, there are a lot of different directions one can be pulled. Whether you are in a high school setting trying to steer your students in the appropriate direction for what’s next, or on a college campus helping students follow their dreams, your time is valuable. And making sure that you have a clear schedule of availability to your students and peers, while also taking your own schedule into consideration, is important. And as an advisor to the next generation, you have to be on your game all the time. With all of these demands, having a concise schedule is important. Being able to make your schedule available to your students, in real time, is a new innovation in the world of appointment scheduling.

 Try GigaBook Appointment Software is ready to bring new technology to Academic Advisors, allowing you to capture appointments with your busy students when and how you are available, while using technology that they are accustom to. offers an easy and convenient Online Booking, Scheduling and Reminders software for Academic Advisors in all different types of settings, small high schools up to large college campuses. The ability to customize it to your needs, whether you are a single counselor in your program or part of a larger department of advisors, is able to accommodate your scheduling and reminder needs.

With your already busy schedule, you are pressed for time, and checking emails and voicemails, returning them and scheduling appointments, takes up a lot of that valuable time. Let us help get your time back and use it in a way that is more meaningful to you and your students. By using our Online Scheduling Software tool, you are able to Accept Appointments Online or via the phone, Send Text/Email Notifications for the appointments made, as well as send Text/Email Reminders just before the appointment to both you as the Advisor and your student(s). allows you to focus on the students and why you love your job.


GigaBook Online Appointment Software allows you to:

  • Create a free personalized booking site
  • Accept appointment requests through your website
  • Send text/email notifications when an appointment is made
  • Send text/email reminders about upcoming appointments to you and the student(s)
  • Set repeat appointments quickly and easily
  • When necessary, easily reschedule appointments and send real-time notifications about the change


As a busy Academic Advisor, by adding efficiency to your daily/weekly calendar, you will also see the benefits of:

  • Increased completion of appointments due to reminder notifications
  • Higher follow through from the students due to implementing technology they are accustom to
  • Improved communication between you and your students is poised and ready to assist you in improving your work/life balance by adding efficiency and accountability to your daily schedule. Academic Advisors need the same resources and technology as the students they are serving, and is providing the solution regardless of the scale of your current operation. Your students will appreciate the convenience of your real-time availability, making their willingness to set and complete an appointment with their Academic Advisor more convenient.