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Accompanist Booking SoftwareAre you an Accompanist for weddings and other celebrations, or musician looking for more online exposure? With your busy schedule of practicing and performing, when do you have time to network, advertise and return calls/emails? Not to mention where do you get the money!? has an easy to use software solution that allows you to make appointments on the go from any device or while you are performing by harnessing the power of your personal website. You don’t have a website? That is not a concern because we can help you develop one, or you can set up a free booking website through your GigaBook account. The ability to turn web page visits into appointments is a newer concept for the individual services industry, but it has been working for years in many other industries, so why shouldn’t it work for you!

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GigaBook knows that you have a demanding schedule, but that you also don’t want to miss the next opportunity, and that is why we put together a product that can help you maximize your time, communicate more effectively with your current and potential customers, and send/receive email and text notifications for appointments that are booked (by you and by your website). GigaBook also offers a way to keep you and your group organized with an integrated to do list. No more texting your band mate to get copies of the sheet music for Saturday’s rehearsal, and no more forgetting to contact the venue on time to schedule a performance. The to do list allows you to add items to different lists and set due dates and reminder notifications, so there are no more excuses for incomplete tasks (at least from an organizational stand point).

Whether you are an Accompanist for a local civic or religious organization, or you have a band that plays for weddings and corporate events, staying organized and on top of your schedule is how you make money. And communicating that schedule is how you are able to maintain the dream. Having the right tools to organize all the different areas of your busy life is important, and as GigaBook says – Let us be Your Assistant.

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