Accountant Scheduling Software

Client appointment scheduling software for accountants, bookkeepings and tax services

Accountant Scheduling SoftwareCPA firms and accountants know that running a business like that involves frequent appointments and meetings with both clients and staff. With that being said, there is an inherent risk of not running at maximum efficiency and missing potential clients.

Much of this can be alleviated with a great accountant scheduling software, such as GigaBook. Start missing fewer opportunities while, at the same time, wasting less time, money and resources. Using GigaBook accountant booking software as your online assistant, gaining efficiency and maximizing time become simple!

Plus, it’s easy! Using Smart Start, GigaBook’s intelligent account setup process, you can be up and running within a few minutes. Answer a few simple questions about your business, add any services or staff members for which you’d like to take bookings, and you’re all set.

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Once everything is set up, clients can start booking appointments through your website or business page. This essentially makes you available 24/7 while simultaneously untying you from your business — allowing you to focus on actually providing your expertise rather than selling it.

Using GigaBook’s Share & Embed features allow you to get the HTML code and web URLs for your widgets – customized per each staff member and/or accountant. Simply embed these links into your personal emails, share your booking options through social media, conduct surveys through your website, link to a page with your booking options and more! GigaBook’s accountant scheduling software helps you promote yourself from virtually anywhere!

You can also stay in-the-know using GigaSync. GigaBook, an accountant scheduling software, integrates with your Google, Apple, Outlook, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange calendar, so when a client books, your personal calendar stays updated helping you avoid any double-bookings or missed appointments.

Through your GigaBook account, you can setup your own booking widget. You simply activate one of GigaBook’s integrated payment processing portals (Stripe, PayPal, Braintree or, add this to your website and now you can instantly accept payments and send invoices.

Keeping up with the finances of your business has never been easier than it is with GigaBook’s accountant scheduling software. We make it simple to create, send and monitor invoices to ensure accessing them is a breeze

Using GigaBook’s accountant scheduling software, you can:

  • Accept appointments automatically
  • Promote through email or social media
  • Sync with 3rd party calendars
  • Take payments instantly
  • Create, send and track invoices
  • Do much more…

Get started with a free, no-obligation 14-day trial and start down your path to maximum efficiency today!