Accounting Firm Appointment Software

Appointment scheduling software for accounting firms and bookkeeping offices.

Accounting Firm Appointment SoftwareTax season is… well you know! So anything that can help you schedule appointments during the busiest times of the year is a great thing!  If your accounting firm is like every other firm then you have a huge list of clients that wait until it is too late to do what they should have done months ago.  Then on top of that, you have a finite amount of time to get all of that done.  So every minute counts.  Fortunately, the golden age of technology that we are living and working in gives us a lot of modern efficiency tools too.  GigaBook is a fine example of this, through the use of our appointment scheduling software you can easily get a grip on your appointment scheduling issues.

Try GigaBook’s Accounting Firm Appointment Software

How does GigaBook’s Appointment Software work?

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for a free trial.  No obligation, No credit card needed.  Then use Smart Start our intelligent account setup process to get your account going.  We ask you a few yes or no questions about your business, then based on those answers we know what to ask next.  The whole process only takes about 10 minutes.

After you are done creating your account you have several options in regards to how your new appointment booking system can help your business.  You can choose to take appointments through your existing website, use the business page we provide, or possibly use the various appointment links we offer.  All options are great when it comes to helping your clients understand when you are available.

Now that you can offer online appointment scheduling, you also have an online assistant (GigaBook) that will automatically send notifications and reminders to your staff and clients based on the settings that you chose during account creation.

Will My Appointment Software Let Clients Reschedule or Cancel Appointments?

Only if you want it too.  Your new appointment booking system does what you want it too.  The ability to customize and control your correspondence is all at your fingertips!  This includes options for client rescheduling or cancelations, you can even disallow either based on the proximity of the appointment, meaning no cancelations with a given period of time.

How Can Appointment Software Benefit My Accounting Firm?

Efficiency.  The automation of repetitive tasks is the most obvious.  Just as important is the ability to NOT miss opportunities.  Your clients aren’t always thinking about scheduling an appointment with their accountant during the times that you are open.  Online appointment scheduling will allow your clients to pick available times at the times that they remember or are able to do so!

Make Appointment Scheduling Easy, Get More Appointments

Customers and clients choose the path of least resistance.  It’s that simple.  Knowing this, we now know that making it easier to scheduling appointments with your accounting firm should equate to more overall appointments being set!  In addition, to the point just made, it is likely that your competition either user appointment software or is getting ready too.  Giving you another to be offering appointment scheduling online!