ACT Tutor Appointment Software

Online scheduling software ideal for ACT test tutors

ACT Tutor Appointment SoftwareAs a high school student, there are very few things more important that scoring well on the ACT. It is probably the most important test that these young kids have taken thus far, and it should not be taken lightly. The ACT tests not only Math, Science, English, and Reading; but it also tests time management and stamina. Those last two are something that only a great tutor can help teach, they cannot be taught in a book but in practice and time. There is a lot for you to teach these young kids though, and there is a lot that you personally have to be organized with. You need to stay focused on planning and coordinating when you are meeting who. This is a chore that is more difficult than any teaching.

GigaBook is able to help you though. With GigaBook you are able to plan times for kids to meet with you and take notes on each student so you can know where you left off and what they need to work on. It also makes scheduling a lot easier! With the ability to now let your students or their parents schedule with you online, you will never miss an opportunity to see your business grow. Whether you are in bed or with a student, people can book an appointment with you 24/7.

Try Gigabook’s ACT Tutor Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • You can change your current website into a real-time booking site (or use a free site from us!)
  • Have texts and emails automatically sent to the kids so they never forget an appointment
  • Have similar messages sent to you so you always know where to be and when
  • Setup Recurring appointments for those students who need extra help

The ACT is tough! Tough to teach and tough to learn, don’t make anything else in your life like that either! Get GigaBook today!