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Your career as an Actor has led you to the ability to pass on your craft to the next generation, but that leaves you with a lot to do, and several hats to wear and schedules to juggle.  As a performer, you are used to multitasking, but as you transition into an Acting Coach, your need for more efficiency in your daily/weekly schedule is critical to making your business a success and maintaining your success.  Your constant need to interact with current and prospective students leaves you little time to answer the phone, follow up to schedule or reschedule an appointment/class, or to be interrupted during a rehearsal.

Take Action keyboard key. is the assistant you’ve been looking for! GigaBook will allow you to take appointments in a traditional format, but it also adds the ability to access appointments from your website by adding the Customizable Online Appointment Booking Widget.  This feature, along with several other value adds offers, will allow you to focus your time and energy, acquire new students to your Acting Studio, retain the students you already have, increase communication with all of your students, and sprinkle in your own appearance schedule as needed.  With GigaBook, you are able to set and publish your availability for private or group sessions and have appointments booked over the phone or through your website.  GigaBook is easy to access from a smartphone, tablet or desktop, anytime.

Acting Class Booking Software Free Trial’s Acting Coach Scheduling Software will enable you to:

  • Accept Appointments online for Private or Group Sessions through your existing website
  • Create a free Customized Booking Website
  • Publish your availability online
  • Implement technology that your students/clients are already used to
  • Send Text/Email Notifications when an appointment is accepted/made
  • Send Text/Email Reminders as an appointment approaches, to you/your staff and your students
  • Reschedule/Cancel in Emergencies and send a real-time alert
  • Setup Repeating Classes for a semester/extended time
  • Put your website to work for you while you focus on your lessons/classes

Business Building Tip:

In has been shown that 40% of US adults use a smartphone to access online availability at least monthly, why not bring that added traffic to your website and turn those site visits into appointments. All leading to more revenue, increased efficiency in your scheduling process, automation and technology implementation within a population that is accustom to using mobile technology, and a better communication.  Let be your assistant producer in your next big release.