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Online scheduling and appointment tools for admission counselors and staff

Admissions Counselor SoftwareAs an admissions counselor, one of the more challenging aspects of being successful is the ability to multitask and fit many different tasks into a short time period. In order to excel in this area, organization and efficiency could not be more important. Improving either of these skills will directly impact the success of anyone who has seriously pursued this field. As usual, the solution to becoming better at anything sounds simple on paper but not so much in actual practice. You might be saying, “Obviously, but how can I get better?” Fortunately, there are many ways to get better.

First, open up your availability so your students can schedule a time that fits both schedules. This allows you to spend less time trying to facilitate these meetings, while giving the flexibility needed to attract the right students. It also continues to expand the communication and build a more developed relationship between counselor and student.

Next, automate some of the correspondence. This will save so much time in the long run, which allows for focusing on other important activities that typically get overlooked. Since relationship is so important to this role, don’t automate everything! Just use the automated reminders and notifications in GigaBook to handle the appointment portion.

Finally, use the to do list! The most successful multitasking does not happen on accident. Use the to do list and reminder emails to make sure time sensitive items are done on time. In addition, make sure even the small items get completed. Adding the to list to your life will take a huge step in adding the efficiency and organization necessary to be the best possible Admissions Counselor.

Change your life by using GigaBook to improve your effectiveness as an Admissions Counselor with the following tools:

  • Open communication with Online Scheduling based on actual availability
  • Save time with automated notifications and reminders
  • Increase organization with the integrated to do list