Alternative To Full Slate

Alternative Appointment Scheduling Solution To Full Slate

Alternative To Full SlateWhen it comes to choosing the right online booking software solution(s) for your growing business, there are so many options to explore. Throughout your search, you’ve probably stumbled across Full Slate Appointment Scheduling Software and taken a look at what they can do. If you have, there is a great alternative to Full Slate in the form of GigaBook online appointment booking software. 

Full Slate is a solution, and we aren’t throwing anyone under the bus, but we just want you to know that we think we can provide your business with all of the functionality it needs, so you can easily take online bookings and appointments! Set up is a breeze with a very simple, six-step process that essentially sets up the best account for your needs! Once that is complete, you’re all set to go. Whether you’re working on streamlining certain aspects of your business or trying to find ways to help it grow, GigaBook online appointment booking software is the right solution. 

Try GigaBook’s Appointment Scheduling Software

Since clients are able to see your current availability, they can schedule their own appointments through your existing website with the click of a button. Once their appointment is booked, your calendar is updated across all appropriate platforms and also syncs with third-party calendars, also in real-time. This frees up time for both you and your staff as well as prevents any risk of double-bookings.

Additionally, GigaBook online appointment software can automatically send personalized emails and texts on your behalf which drive repeat business, reviews and referrals. Need to send a thank you after each appointment? Send clients birthday wishes? Reach out to clients who are due for a visit? Done! The message and subjects are completely customizable and can also be used to send out marketing materials and promotions, resulting in better communication among all parties and higher customer satisfaction.

Keeping track of incoming and outgoing funds is obviously a necessity when it comes to running a business. With GigaBook online appointment software, you have the ability to create, send and monitor invoices. You can also search for specific invoices by entering a client’s name/information invoice number – everything is right there and easy to keep track of!

With GigaBook online appointment software, you can:

  • Allow clients to book their own appointments
  • Update and sync calendars in real-time
  • Create and send personalized emails and texts
  • Monitor, create, search for and send invoices
  • Increase efficiency and communication

Give GigaBook online appointment software a try with a free, 14-day trial and see why it is the right solution for your business to continue to thrive and grow!