Appointment App for Glass Repair

Online Appointment Scheduling App for Glass Repair

Appointment App for Glass RepairWhether it’s a car windshield, office or home window, glass is bound to get broken at some point. Most of us don’t know how to replace glass so we call experts like your business. However, you are spending more time on the phone scheduling appointments than being on your client’s site completing the repair. Online appointment scheduling can increase efficiencies within your business, provide client satisfaction and increase your sales. Clients are looking for an easy booking process and the satisfaction knowing there are no hurdles to jump over in order to get their appointment scheduled. Make your website your hardest working employee accepting appointments online 24/7. 

Try GigaBook’s Glass Repair Appointment Software

GigaBook offers a fully customizable platform, turning your website into a real-time booking engine. When appointments are made, you can manage the notifications and reminders sent out through text and email automatically. Think about how much extra time you have when one process within your business is automated. You are able to dedicate quality service to your current clients while creating more time to do other things due to the efficiencies GigaBook creates for you and your business. GigaBook syncs with third-party calendars such as Outlook, Google, and iMail. 

Easily accept payment for bookings with GigaBook, increasing your overall revenue. When you offer online appointment booking, you are able to also accept payments 24/7 as well! To-Do Lists and the project management tools within GigaBook create efficiencies within your business, completing tasks and projects that normally wouldn’t get done. With GigaBook you can stay connected with your current clients while obtaining new clients at the same time. In a world where everything is now online, your appointment scheduling should be no different. By offering an easy booking process for your clients you are also building customer and brand loyalty at the same time!

With GigaBook’s Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments using your existing website. 
  • Increase revenue accepting appointment and payments 24/7. 
  • Create projects for staff and monitor their progress. 
  • Sync with third-party calendars. 
  • Get your life back by allowing appointments and reminders to be managed automatically. 
  • Access to your GigaBook platform from any computer or mobile device.
  • Stay connected with clients.