Appointment Apps for Bike Rentals

Bike Rental Appointment Apps

Appointment Apps for Bike RentalsIs your rental business having trouble keeping track of which customers are renting specific bikes? During your busy season, this can be a tremendous challenge to overcome. Online appointment scheduling helps you manage and track each rental that comes in. Imagine no more of having to flip through notebooks to find your customers rental schedule. As everything transitions to online, so should your appointment scheduling. 

Try GigaBook’s Appointment App for Bike Rentals

Customers are looking for an easy booking/reservation process. They aren’t looking for added stresses while on vacation. Through GigaBook’s appointment software, your customers can book a rental right from your website. With a few simple steps, your clients will have their rental scheduled with you and have less of a headache knowing everything is taken care of. Online booking increases your sales, efficiency and customer satisfaction. GigaBook makes scheduling not only convenient for your clients but also for you! Using notifications and reminders, you are able to stay connected with your clients through email and text.

With GigaBook you are able to accept payments for bookings scheduled. You are able also to create, track and monitor invoices. Using the project management tool, you can create more time to do other things due to the efficiencies GigaBook provides. You are able to assign these projects to staff members and monitor their progress on them. GigaBook syncs with third-party calendars such as Google and Outlook helping you stay informed with all your appointments and events. If you offer group tours, you can also have your clients schedule those seamlessly online as well! 

With GigaBook Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments through your website. 
  • Send notification and reminders to your customers.
  • Accepts payments with bookings. 
  • Sync with third-party calendars. 
  • Create projects for staff.
  • Offer group tour sessions.
  • Create efficiencies within your business.