Appointment Apps For Marijuana Dispensaries

Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Marijuana Dispensaries

Appointment Apps For Marijuana Dispensaries Is your business growing at a rapid rate, where you are now seeing missed opportunities adding up? Between missed calls, emails and even texts, these potential new clients are likely going to your competition, limiting your ability to grow your business even more. Maybe you are struggling with headaches and hassle of answering the question, “When are you available?” Online appointment scheduling through GigaBook can eliminate those hassles and headaches of your current appointment process, while increasing your sales and time, resulting in fewer missed opportunities and overall business growth. 

Try GigaBook’s Marijuana Dispensary Appointment Software

Allowing all your appointment and reminders to be managed automatically by GigaBook, you can spend more time focusing on your current clients and also do the things you enjoy most in life. GigaBook gives you a fully customizable platform that can be matched to fit your business and personality style. Being able to access your GigaBook platform from anywhere on any devices, lets you keep your business organized even when you are away. Send email and text notifications to clients and staff leading up to scheduled appointments. By sending reminders, you can turn those no-shows into always shows. Clients are looking for an easy and convenient way of scheduling appointments and with GigaBook you can even accept payments for bookings. 

GigaBook easily integrates with any website, turning your site into a real-time booking engine. Take your website from static to transactional by accepting appointments and payments 24/7. With the efficiencies GigaBook creates for you, you will be able to accomplish more throughout your day. Are there tasks that you can think of around your business that is just sitting waiting to be completed? Easily assign those tasks to staff members using a to-do list, helping you keep your business organized. GigaBook also syncs with third-party calendars helping you never miss an appointment or event. Are you ready to reduce the headaches and hassle of your current appointment process? Try our risk-free 14-day free trial with no credit card required and start getting your life back with the efficiencies GigaBook creates for you. 

With GigaBook’s Appointment Software you can: 

  • Use your website to accept appointments. 
  • Accept payments for bookings. 
  • Send text and email notifications to clients. 
  • Sync with third-party calendars. 
  • Create, send and process invoices. 
  • Send reminders to staff and clients. 
  • Create to-do lists keeping your business organized. 
  • Access your GigaBook platform from anywhere on any device. 
  • Plus much more!