Appointment Apps For Music Studios

Music Studio Appointment Booking Software

Appointment Apps For Music StudiosDo you offer music classes for your students? Maybe you have open studios in your building that you would like to accept appointments for. Do you have a venue that you want to hold events for? GigaBook’s appointment booking software can do all of this plus much more! Imagine have an automated booking process that manages all your appointments and schedules, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on other things. 

Try GigaBook’s Music Studio Appointments Software

GigaBook can turn your website into a real-time booking engine allowing your clients to schedule a session with yourself or staff, or even schedule a particular studio for them to practice and record. GigaBook offers group schedule, so if you have an introductory class running for a specific period of time, clients would be able to book that class. With GigaBook you can schedule bookings with real-time availability. Clients are looking for an easy booking process and with GigaBook you can offer just that to them. Stay connected with your clients using notifications and reminders sent through text and email. Turn no-shows into always-shows by automating your reminder system. GigaBook offers a fully customizable platform that gives you the ability to accept payments for bookings. By doing so, you upgrade your website from static to transactional. 

With the efficiencies GigaBook can create for you within your business, you will be able to focus more time on your current clients delivering the best service possible for them. GigaBook can be used in other ways to create efficiencies, keeping your business organized and a well-oiled machine. Using the to-do list and project management features, you can create new projects for your staff and monitor their progress up to completion. 

With GigaBook’s Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments using your existing website. 
  • Offer individual and group classes. 
  • Accept payment for bookings. 
  • Send text and email notifications to clients. 
  • Sync with third-party calendars such as Google and Outlook. 
  • Create efficiencies with your business. 
  • Have a fully customizable platform that can be accessed anywhere.