Appointment Apps For Rental Agents

Rental Agent Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment Apps For Rental Agents Are you feeling overwhelmed by phone calls, emails, and texts? Does it feel like you can’t have a moment to yourself, with clients continuously asking you, “When are you available?” Are you missing a lot of calls leading to missed opportunities? When you’re showing a property, it can look rude if you answer a call while you are with a client. How do you reduce the number of missed opportunities you are experiencing? The answer is simple! Online appointment scheduling with GigaBook can help reduce the number of missed opportunities, reduce expenses and hassle while increasing your time and overall business growth! 

Try GigaBook’s Rental Agent Appointment Software

Your clients are looking for a simple and convenient way of scheduling an appointment. As everything has transitioned to online, your appointment process should be no different. GigaBook helps you stay connected to your clients leading up to their scheduled appointment, by sending notifications and reminders through text and email. Reminders are a great way to turn those no-shows into always shows. GigaBook turns your website into a real-time booking engine, making your website go from static to transactional. By allowing your appointments to be managed automatically, you now have extra time to focus on your current clients and do more of the things you enjoy in life. 

GigaBook gives you a fully customizable platform that allows you to match it to fit your business and personality style. Access your platform from anywhere on any device, letting you keep your business organized even when you are away from the office. Not only does GigaBook create extra time but it also creates efficiencies throughout your entire business. Utilizing to-do lists and client management helps you keep everything centrally located. To-do list can be assigned to staff members and you can track their progress until the task is completed. Can you think of things that are sitting around your business waiting to get accomplished? Try GigaBook’s risk-free 14-day free trial and start getting your life back and doing more of the things that you enjoy in life. 

With GigaBook’s Appointment Software you can:

  • Use your website to accept appointments. 
  • Send notifications to clients through text and email. 
  • Accept payments for bookings. 
  • Create To-do lists for staff members. 
  • Send reminders to staff and clients. 
  • Access GigaBook from anywhere on any device. 
  • Plus much more!