Art Class Booking Software

Online registration and booking application for art studios and classes

Although art is enjoyable, it can be time consuming, too. Whether you are a painter, drawer, sculpter, photographer, architect, graphic designer, or even a performance artist, your focus is on your art (and your art students as a teacher). And teaching art to others in a class can make your days that much more busy. So how can you save some time in order to keep your creativity flowing? Find a helper that will give you the tools to book your classes for you and keep your life organized. This helper is called Gigabook.

Try GigaBook’s Art Class Booking Software for Free!

Gigabook is an online cloud-based booking platform that has a range of tools from online booking, appointment/class reminders (via text or email), to a client database, and a to-do list (don’t run out of your supplies again with a weekly reminder to reorder those paints!)

How can Gigabook help you?

  • Allow online booking for your classes right from your existing website
  • Don’t have a website? No problem, you can set one up with us!
  • Get fantastic customer service from the beginning (and if needed) – helping you set up your account and get your website updated with the booking platform!
  • Your clients can book your classes 24 hours a day!
  • No overbooking classes!
  • People can book with their friends all at once!
  • Accept payment at time of booking!
  • Increase your revenue and reduce those overhead costs of phone calls!
  • Access your Gigabook dashboard right from your phone or laptop!

And that’s just to name a few ways…

Art is an influential part of our culture, and you are doing the hard part of teaching the talents and importance of it. Let GigaBook take over the frustrating part of booking classes, payments, and organization to keep you and your students happy and inspired with a very user-friendly and customizable service to fit your needs.

Art Class Booking Software