Art Studio Reservation Software

Online appointment and reservation software ideal for art studios

Art Studio Reservation SoftwareOwning an art studio can be a lot of upkeep, but renting out the space for either art classes or individual artists is a great option when you aren’t using the space for yourself or your own classes. Staying organized of when you have classes, when you have rented out the space, or what days the space is still available can be hard to keep up with, but now you have an easy solution to fix all of that.

GigaBook is a cloud-based online appointment-booking (such as classes) and resource-booking (such as rooms) platform. GigaBook offers an online booking widget that you can insert right onto your existing website or make a new booking page at no additional cost. You can also find many other tools that will help your business succeed at little cost to you while also saving you a lot of time.

Try GigaBook’s Art Studio Reservation Software

What are some of the tools that GigaBook offers that can help my Art Studio succeed and make my life easier?

  • 24 hour online booking available in real time
  • Custom online booking form to gather all information from clients
  • Text and email reminders for classes or room rentals
  • Collect payments online, even at time of booking
  • Email customizable invoices for a professional look
  • Sync your existing online calendar with GigaBook in real time
  • Use the To-Do list to remind you via email of your tasks and due dates
  • Automatically save info to your client list with all online bookings

With still many other tools offered by GigaBook, you can create the perfect online assistant for maximum efficiency. GigaBook is your blank canvas, and the endless options for customization are your personal creation. Try it out and sign up for a free trial today!