Astrologer Appointment Booking Software

Online appointment scheduling application ideal for astrologers, tellers

Astrologer Appointment Booking SoftwareAstrology has defined many cultures throughout the ages, dating back to the early times of the Indians, Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians and Mayans. These ancient worlds would look to the sky to find their fates, and scholars such as astronomers, doctors, and meteorologists largely studied these practices. As an astrologer yourself, you have spent countless hours exploring and analyzing things like how the stars and planets can affect human life, decisions, and emotions. Some might try to call this divination and some might call it science, but either way you are graciously sharing this insight with others.

Your time is precious as you spend it with clients or further practicing your astrological studies. So wasting time answering phone calls and emails, isn’t the most desirable action when you would rather be working directly with your clients. Now, you no longer have to waste this precious time with GigaBook. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment booking platform to help small business like your own book clients online on your very own website. You simply have to plug in what services you offer in your GigaBook dashboard, and paste the HTML into your existing website to start accept bookings today. You can make this as basic and easy or as customizable as you would like to fit all of your needs.

 Try GigaBook’s Astrologer Appointment Booking Software

GigaBook can also help your Astrology business with:

  • Sending text or email reminders to yourself and your clients to reduce no-shows
  • Showing real-time availability on your GigaBook calendar, so you never double book
  • Accepting payment at time of booking if desired
  • Group booking available, in case you allow parties or group readings
  • Booking available on your website through any computer or phone
  • Online booking 24 hours a day!

GigaBook is here to help your business increase your booked appointments and increase revenue. GigaBook can also help other parts of your business stay organized by saving your client information, keeping track of paid and unpaid invoices, promotions, to-do lists, and user-friendly dashboard to control all of your GigaBook services and settings. Check it out today if the alignment of the planets allow!