Automotive Detailer Appointment Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Automotive Car Detailers


Automotive Detailer Appointment SoftwareWhen buying a new car, we all like to keep it in its pristine condition as long as possible. However, like most things it becomes worn down and dirty. There are so many products out there to choose from when it comes to cleaning and knowing which ones to use. It becomes overwhelming just looking at all the products! Since it gets overwhelming and we look to companies like yours who are professionals in car detailing. As your shop fills up, it can be easy to miss a phone or email for potential new business. If you were to stop a current car detailing you may miss a deadline, you run the risk of receiving negative reviews online. By offering online appointment software you are able to stay connected with new customers and deliver quality service to your existing customers.

Try GigaBook’s Automotive Detailer Appointment Software

GigaBook offers the flexibility to customize your account the way that best meets your businesses needs. GigaBook offers a booking widget that can be used to accept appointments through your existing website. With GigaBook, appointment scheduling has never been easier! When an appointment is booked, you can send notifications and reminders to your clients about their appointment. You can also notify and remind your staff about upcoming appointments. You can set projects and to-do list for your staff and track the progress of those, in doing so you can increase efficiency within your business. Using GigaBook’s invoicing feature you can create and track the status of payments for those invoices. GigaBook also syncs with third-party calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar helping ensure that appointments are not overlooked.

With GigaBook Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments using your existing website.
  • Track client information.
  • Send notifications and reminders to clients through text and email.
  • Create project lists for your staff.
  • Sync with third-party calendars.
  • Create invoices and send to clients.
  • Grow your business and provide quality service simultaneously.