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Whether you are a part-time babysitter or a full-time nanny, you need to be able to stay organized so you are not over OR under booking yourself.  Have you been looking for the perfect resource to manage your daily nanny schedule or organize your weekly babysitting schedule?

Allow GigaBook to assist with all of it, big or small, many individual jobs or one full-time position with many moving parts.’s Online Scheduling Software for Babysitters, Nannies and Au Pairs will have you organized and optimized in no time.  Allow GigaBook to grow your business with you, capturing more appointments online via your custom-booking site (if you choose) and increase communication with the client(s) you currently have with text and email reminders.

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 For those that babysit on the weekends or during breaks from school, this is the perfect booking software to allow your families to make appointments with you in a convenient manner via the Internet.  It also allows them to suggest you to others who can also access your services through your personalized booking site.  Once an appointment time is booked, you are sent an email and/or text and so is the person who made the request.  For those that have chosen to care for a family full time, allow GigaBook to help you stay organized with the interactive calendar.  Keep up with all the family member’s schedules by importing them to your GigaBook and staying focused (and on time for practice).  The reminders can be set for text and/or email and can be sent to everyone or only those that apply.

 GigaBook is an affordable solution to optimizing your business, big or small, adding convenience to the booking process – no more back and forth with texts between classes or appointments, and better communication through the notifications and reminders.  Another convenient feature within GigaBook is the ability to have To Do Lists and Folders.  Keep track of activities, notes and special details within these folders, making it easier to stay on top of each person or family.

And all of the features of GigaBook’s Online Scheduling Software for Babysitters, Nannies, and Au Pairs can be accessed from any device at any time, making it convenient not only for your customers but for you as well.  Let GigaBook help with the administrative duties while you focus on the families and kids that need your help.  Grow your business as you see fit by adding a link to your website or by creating a free custom booking site.  And show off your professionalism and organization through your increased communication with emails and text messages.  All of these tools will not only build your business, but they will also build trust in your services.