Best Shared Calendar Apps for Businesses

Get to know the best shared calendar apps we use at GigaBook.

best online shared calendar app

Digital calendars are developed to organize our schedules with the tap of our fingers using smart devices. With the rising need, calendars are now also made available online. If you need to block out dates, use your online calendar to avoid overlaps in your schedules. 

Need to squeeze a meeting with a possible client? Send an invite using your online calendar to see if your schedules meet. These activities can be solved by shared calendar apps.

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Aside from personal use, businesses are also integrating shared calendar apps to improve their processes. Why so? Shared calendar applications offer advantages for users.

Here are 3 advantages of shared calendar applications:

  • Access on multiple devices—Shared calendar apps are easily accessible. You can access your online calendar on different devices so you can organize it at your desk or check updates through your phone.
  • Set up notifications and reminders—Online calendars allow you to set up reminders for important dates and events. Aside from that, you can have multiple reminders leading to your events so you’ll receive updates from time to time.
  • Create recurring events—You can customize recurring schedules based on their frequency. You don’t have to repeatedly schedule the same activity as you have the option to tag it as a recurring event. Activities such as weekly meetings, daily inventories, or dinner with friends are just a few you can tag as recurring events.

Because of such useful benefits, it’s no surprise that people take their calendars online nowadays. This stands as an opportunity for schedule and appointment-based businesses to use shared calendars for bookings to unify their business schedule and their clients’ own.

In such a pursuit, entrepreneurs should also consider what calendar apps are most popular among digital natives. At GigaBook, we offer the best shared online calendar integrations for businesses.

Here are the best shared calendars apps we use at GigaBook:

  1. Google Calendar—The most obvious choice is Google Calendar, and unarguably the best shared online calendar app. Almost everyone now uses it due to its availability in the G Suite. Basically, everyone who has a Gmail account gets their FREE Google Calendar. People use this for flexibility. Through Google Calendar, a user can create separate calendars for public sharing, personal, birthdays, and a lot more.
  2. iCal—The Apple Calendar is the best choice for iOS and macOS users. It automatically connects all your activities using other apps. The Maps app provides you the directions on where your next event will be. However, this truly only shines when used on iOS or macOS devices.
  3. Outlook—This is the best choice for businesses. This is why Outlook is also the biggest competitor of Google Calendar. The features of Outlook are almost similar to Google Calendar but it offers more. It can integrate their users’ email app so everything is centralized. It is specially designed for businesses as people can have individual, team, and/or organizational calendars. 

Aside from these, we also have calendar integrations such as Exchange and Office 365 both powered by Microsoft.

The reason why we have calendar integrations in GigaBook is to allow calendar sharing between businesses and clients who use our online appointment booking platform. 

For entrepreneurs, whose businesses are guarded by date and time, it is important to have a calendar to display service availability. Whether a business is a salon, massage service, nail spa, delivery, clinic, and home services among others, it’s always important to know that your and your customer’s calendars match.

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What is GigaBook?

GigaBook is a cloud-based online appointment booking platform developed to help small to medium enterprises streamline their appointment booking processes. From basic online appointment booking, GigaBook targets some of the most common business processes with schedule-based needs. 

Here are the features available on GigaBook:

  • Appointment system
  • Team scheduling
  • To-do lists
  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Payment collection
  • Email marketing
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Calendar Syncing and MORE!

These features alone should encourage you to use the platform. GigaBook has some of the robust features to automate processes and manage business activities. With these, you provide the best experience possible, not only for your customers but for your organization.

Businesses can make shared calendar integrations possible using GigaSync, GigaBook’s third-party calendar syncing feature.

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