Bike Rental Booking Software

Booking Software for Bike Rental Services

Bike Rental Booking Software

As a bike rental consultant, you must pedal the extra mile to deliver quality service to your clients. Just as biking enthusiasts are eagerly exploring new trails, you should likewise steer your business in new directions. Nowadays, people are keenly aware of their health and are gradually taking up more fitness activities. This is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your services. You just need to ensure that your company can keep up with the demands of your client’s fast-paced lifestyles.

The daily operations of a bike rental business can devolve into chaos when dealing with a high number of clients simultaneously. It’s even more complicated if the clients come in large groups needing to avail the equipment on a near date. Keeping track of all customer concerns is tedious, time-consuming and manpower-intensive. You need a program to manage and direct such tedious yet critical routine.

Try GigaBook’s Bike Rental Booking Software

With GigaBook’s bike rental booking software, you won’t need to worry about managing your business schedule. It lets you maximize the use of your website by transforming it into a convenient booking platform for customers. It will handle the entire booking process from the client’s initial inquiry down to the very last payment transaction.

It takes away all the headaches of dealing with conflicting schedules and missed appointments. Not only is it a helpful program to aid your business process, it can also attract more clients with its easy-to-use functionality.

GigaBook’s booking widget allows your customers to customize their appointment and lets them see your real-time availability which can effectively prevent scheduling conflicts. The software can even handle those complicated group bookings and notify you ahead of time so you can focus on preparing all the necessary gear and equipment for the actual date.

GigaBook’s bike rental booking software helps you save time, money and energy, letting you expend it on more useful endeavors. By automating everyday tasks like sending emails and text reminders to clients, you can spend more time developing and promoting your company.

Utilizing GigaBook’s bike rental booking software, you can:

  • Use your web site to accept bookings
  • Automate reminders and notifications
  • Facilitate and receive payment through your website
  • Sync with third party calendars
  • And a lot more!

Try out GigaBook’s bike rental booking software with a free, no-obligation, 14-day trial, and find out how it can increase your business’s efficiency.