Bike Rental Booking Software

Online reservation software ideal for bike rental businesses

Bike Rental Booking SoftwareDepending on where you live, when that first beautiful weekend in spring arrives after a long, cold and miserable winter, everyone is more than ready to head outside to enjoy the weather.  And what better way to do that than rent a bike, jump onto the nearest bike trail and spend the afternoon leisurely pedaling in the sun.

Since everyone has the same idea on how to spend their first warm spring day, using GigaBook’s online booking feature through your website will help your business maintain efficiency and smooth out ‘customer rush’ during peak bike rental times.  Your phone stays quieter so you can assist your customers when they come in to pick up their bikes—you can give them personalized time for offering other related equipment rental. Once scheduled, whether it’s a single bike or for a group of riders, customizable text messages or emails are sent to confirm and future messages closer to rental time go out so that appointments aren’t missed.

Try GigaBook’s Bike Rental Booking Software

GigaBook acts like a 24/7 employee, always available; always ready to help you grow your business.


Gigabook allows you to do these things and much more:

  • Take single or group bookings
  • Quickly and easily generate invoices and payment requests
  • GigaBook can be used on mobile devices, phone, tablets, laptops and desktop computers
  • Track your success rate so that you can better direct your company efforts
  • Set up your account easily and quickly
  • Sync your GigaBook calendar with other calendars such as Outlook, Google or iCloud