Biology Tutor Appointment Software

Online appointment software ideal for Biology Tutors

Biology Tutor Appointment SoftwareKeeping up in biology class can be overwhelming especially in light of all the other classes taken and homework being handed out.  Grasping concepts beyond basic science learned in middle school can be tough for some students.  Working with a biology tutor can be an invaluable experience and serve as a great investment as well.

If you’re a biology tutor, considering the use of GigaBook for your students to schedule their time with you would be extremely beneficial.  GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment booking platform, available 24/7.   When you’re busy working with a student and can’t be interrupted with calls, others can book time with you through your website, and both you and your students receive confirmation via text or email.  Automatic reminders are sent so that appointments are not forgotten.

Try GigaBook’s Biology Tutor Appointment Software

Taking advantage of the To Do list keeps both you and your students on track while preparing for tests or working on lab write-ups.

Whether you’re providing one-on-one interactions, or working in a group setting, GigaBook can easily handle the requests.

GigaBook allows you to do these and much more:

  • Individual or group lessons to take full advantage of efficiency
  • Promotional codes to attract new students
  • Take payments at time of booking
  • Generate and email custom invoices
  • Use the To-Do list to remind you via email of your tasks and other due dates
  • 24-hour online booking exists in real time