Booking Apps for Swim Class Scheduling

Online booking app for scheduling swim classes

Booking App for Swim Class SchedulingAre you teaching more and more swim classes?  Maybe just getting started?  Regardless of where your swim instruction business is in its growth process what is certain is that you should be looking into use a booking app for your swim classes.  In fact there are multiple reasons why you should be doing so!

Take more swim class bookings

Giving your students and future students more access your availability and schedule means they are more likely to schedule classes.  Why?  Because convenience is king and letting your students easily schedule classes is convenient for them!

Improved communication with swim instructors, clients and students

GigaBook helps you automate and customize class reminders and notifications.  This means better information regarding your swim classes both for instructors and students.  Use our fully customizable platform to create a booking app for your swim classes and do it the way you really want to.

Try GigaBook’s Booking App for Swim Class Scheduling 

Accept payments for your swim classes online

When you take payment for swim classes at the time of booking you will end up with a higher success rate for completed classes.  The reason is that people are less likely to cancel or change their minds when they have paid up front.  Therefore, it is pretty easy to see how you will end up with higher attendance in your swim classes.

Set maximum and minimum class attendance numbers

GigaBook lets you set minimum and maximum class levels.  When a class is full, it no longer shows on your booking app.  In the event that a spot opens back up then that spot will simply show again on your booking app.

Customer want and need your booking app for swim class scheduling

Instant gratification is the norm online now.  You can provide this for clients when you have an online scheduling app for your swim classes.  Give you clients the flexibility of scheduling online when they want to, and give yourself the freedom to no longer have to do so much needless client engagement.  There IS a better way!

GigaBook offers 14-day free trials so you can see what a booking app for swim classes can do for your business!