Booking Platforms that Sync with Outlook

Online booking engine with full Sync with, Office 365 or Exchange

Outlook Calendar IntegrationAre you looking for an online booking platform that syncs with Outlook, Exchange or Office 365?  Then look no further! GigaBook has exactly what you need!  You can now utilize our universal calendar sync functions that allow you to sync not only with Microsoft related calendars but also with iCloud and Google Calendar.

We have worked out all of the pesky details for you too! Whether its a last minute change, cancelation or reschedule, we have you covered.  This allows for ultimate versatility when it comes your co-workers or employees.  If someone is already used to using a particular calendar, then why change that!  You can still experience all of the amazing benefits of GigaBook’s online booking applications while also getting the ease and convenience of utilizing the calendars that you already use.

Try GigaBook’s Booking Platform with Outlook Sync

You and your business can also benefit from lots of things GigaBook provides, such as:

  • Take Service or Group Bookings directly from you existing website
  • Allow your clients to make appointments for your services 24 hours a day!
  • Reduce No-Shows and Increase profit with automated reminders!
  • Receive notifications from GigaBook when any new appointments are requested!

The GigaBook booking platform is capable of handing businesses of any size, with the ability to sync calendars with your most commonly Microsoft applications you can really take advantage of showing your online availability to your clients.  The amount of time that you save by reducing all of that back and forth requesting of availability is incredible.  In fact you can increase your output or maybe choose to use your time for your own personal benefit.  All we can tell you is, there is a better way!

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