Booking Software for Bike Rentals

Online reservation software ideal for bike rental businesses

Booking Software for Bike RentalsIf you own a bike store or locations around the city that offers bike rentals, you know that people like to get out and have fun on their free time. Whether it’s trip through the city or a multi-mile Fun Run, people like fast and easy access to their preferred size, style, color and functionality of a bike. Since you are the one to provide that for them, why not make it simple and efficient for yourself so you too can enjoy your free time?

With an online scheduling software, you can do just that. Through your very own website, you’ll be able to accept rental bookings and payment. This is all done “self-serve” by the renter; they are able to see current availability of bikes, where they’re located and the timeframe they have before needing to be returned. Giving customers this type of access and convenience will not only lead to more bookings but lead to fewer no-shows since they booked their own time and likely paid upfront.

Try GigaBook’s Booking Software for Bike Rentals

The other nice thing about online appointment software is that in the event of a last-minute cancellation or appointment change, calendars are updated in real-time and have the ability to sync with third-party calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook! This prevents any double-booked appointments and leads to much higher customer satisfaction.

Once the appointment is booked, your booking software will send automated reminders and notifications to both customers and staff. Additionally, the data collection is done automatically and is updated through all correct avenues to ensure customer information is not only correct but secure, resulting in more thorough communication among all parties and a more streamlined business.

Using GigaBook as your online booking software, you can:

  • Accept bookings through your own website
  • Update and sync all calendars in real-time
  • Send reminders and notifications to both staff and customers
  • Increase communication
  • Become more efficient overall