Booking Software for Property Management

Property Management Appointment Scheduling

Booking Software for Property ManagementIn property management there is so much competition, making every lead extremely critical that comes in. However, as a manager, you can become overwhelmed with onsite issues, reports for owners and other various tasks. When responding to a lead you want it to be immediate, instead of them filling out a contact form and having to wait for a response from your staff. When new tenants are searching your website and seeing amenities offered, why not have them schedule their showing at the same time? By offering online appointment scheduling, you and your staff will be able to better manage your schedules and plan accordingly, helping when new prospects come into the clubhouse without an appointment. 

Try GigaBook’s Apartment Booking Software

When you offer online appointment scheduling for your prospects online, they are able to plan accordingly around their schedules making it convenient for them. GigaBook easily integrates into your website and can be customized to match the themes of your site. When appointments are scheduled, you can send notifications through text and emails to prospects and staff. Leading up to the appointment, you can also send out reminders. If something unexpected were to come up, you can easily reschedule the appointment and notify your prospect of the change. 

Do you have a clubhouse or other property amenities that you like to reserve for your current residents? Easily take appointments for those and notify your staff of the scheduled times. If you have weekly or monthly reoccurring appointments, easily set those within GigaBook and manage your schedule within one spot. GigaBook also syncs with third-party calendars like Google and Outlook. Using the project management tool, you can create projects and assign them to a staff member. You can then track the progress of the projects which helps create an efficiency within your office. 

With GigaBook Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments using your existing website. 
  • Send text and email notifications to prospective tenants. 
  • Create projects for staff members. 
  • Allow current residents to book property amenities. 
  • Sync with third-party calendars.