Booking System for Flooring Installations

Scheduling system for flooring installations and contractors

Booking System for Flooring InstallationsAs an owner of a flooring installation business, you understand the need for efficiency and logistics in regard to traveling from site to site. You’re constantly in communication with staff and customers, going to meetings and trying to keep everything organized overall. Therefore, operating at maximum efficiency is crucial to your company’s success, and it is oftentimes hard to achieve. With a great booking system for flooring installations, it’s easy to become more streamlined and save time, and this will help both you and your customers. Here are a few ways a booking system for flooring installations can help your company become more efficient:

Try GigaBook’s Booking System for Flooring Installations

  • Create, send and track invoices

Creating and keeping track of invoices can be a rather redundant task that takes time away from providing your expertise. With GigaBook’s booking system for flooring installations, that becomes a breeze. GigaBook gives you the ability to create, send and monitor invoices. You can also search for outstanding, past due and paid invoices by just the invoice number or the customer’s information.

  • Accept bookings through your own website

With an excellent booking system for flooring installations like GigaBook, your potential customers see your current, available dates and times and even schedule their own installs! This is all done through your own website and will result in fewer no-show appointments and more overall bookings. It will also eliminate any chance of overbooking yourself or your team since availability is updated in real-time, everywhere.

  • Send reminders and notifications to anyone

Oftentimes in your line of work you run into an unforeseen schedule change, end up running behind or ahead of schedule or have to deal with a last-minute cancellation. GigaBook’s booking system for flooring installations allows you to automate notifications and keep everyone up-to-date. The fact that all third-party calendars can be synced means that reminders can be easily scheduled and sent on time, every time, to everyone.

  • Set future appointments for recurring customers

With flooring installations come maintenance and service, or maybe a customer with multiple locations. For those recurring appointments, GigaBook’s booking system for flooring installations makes it fast and easy to set up future, ongoing appointments and send reminders along the way, keeping the business and the customer happy.

This is just a handful of the many ways a business can operate more efficiently with a GigaBook’s booking system for flooring installations. Explore more for yourself with a free, 14-day trial and see how it can help you become more efficient!