Bounce House Rental Software

Online booking software for bouncy house party rentals

Party Equipment Rental Booking SoftwareMoonwalks, play inflatables, bouncy castles, jumpers, bouncers, whatever you may call it, the kids love it the same! As a small business supplying parties with numerous items from chairs to games, you know the warmer months of the year means that the bouncy houses are a huge hit. As the owner and renter of these beloved castles and obstacle courses, you know you must stay organized to maximize the use and profits of the bouncy house itself.

Try GigaBook’s

Bounce House Rental Software

GigaBook is the perfect solution to help you stay organized and make your business run smoothly and efficiently. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that is perfect for small businesses that can use online booking for service providers or a resource such as a bouncy house. Signing your bouncy houses up as resources in GigaBook can allow your customers to book them online through your own website, answer any customized questions you have at time of booking, and even pay online at the time of booking all without you having to answer a phone or respond to an email inquiry.

Does GigaBook only do online booking?

GigaBook offers a variety of tools for your business in addition to online booking which all increase organization and efficiency, which lead to an increase of revenue and decrease stress.

What else can GigaBook do for my business?

GigaBook’s tools and customizations include:

  • An online to-do list with due date email reminders
  • Automatic text and email reminders for your customers, which can remind them of delivery
  • Customizable and emailable invoices
  • Accepts payments online at time of booking or after customer is invoiced
  • Custom promo codes can be used online to attract new and repeat customers
  • Exportable client info saved automatically after online booking
  • Capable of adding your booking widget to your existing website or make a page with us at no additional cost

How much does GigaBook cost?

One whole month of GigaBook will cost less than one hour of work from your employees (and you wont hear any complaints or requests for time off for holidays or sick days).

Keep your website modernized and user-friendly with GigaBook. Your customers will appreciate the quick and easy booking process to reserve their bouncy house, and you just have to sit back and watch your profits grow!