Brake Mechanic Booking Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Brake Mechanic's

Brake Mechanic Booking SoftwareWe’ve all heard them, that teeth clenching squealing sound as someone applies their brakes as they come to a stop. The sound you hear most frequently around your shop. When your out in the shop working on your client’s vehicles, it can be difficult to hear the phone ring or answer it before it goes to your messaging system. What does this mean? A potential missed opportunity on acquiring new clients. Online appointment booking software allows your customers to connect with you at any time of the day! Most customers wait until the end of their day to research and schedule their maintenance and by that time you’ve closed up for the day. By having the ability to schedule appointments online, your customers are more likely to schedule with you over your competitors!

Try GigaBook’s Brake Mechanic Appointment Software

Chances are, you offer more than brake services within your shop. With GigaBook, your clients are able to select from all the services your business offers while still using your existing website. If you have clients who bring their vehicles in for routine maintenance, you can easily schedule reoccurring appointments with them. Send text and email notifications to your clients and staff members about scheduled appointments. Using the reminder system, your clients are more likely to not miss their appointment. Do you currently use Google or Outlook to track your appointments? By easily syncing your calendar to GigaBook, you will not miss any set appointment. If something unexpected were to come up, you can reschedule with clients and notify them of the changes. Are there projects around the shop that seemed to be pushed off? Use the project management tool and to-do list to completed those projects that normally get overlooked. Are you concerned about invoicing? Easily create, track and accept payments for your client’s invoices. 

With GigaBook’s Online Appointment Software you can: 

  • Use your website to accept appointments. 
  • Send text and email notifications about scheduled appointments to your clients. 
  • Create project lists and monitor their progress. 
  • Send invoices to clients and accept client payments. 
  • Sync with third-party calendars such as Google and Outlook. 
  • Set reoccurring appointments with clients. 
  • Easily reschedule appointments and notify clients.