Bubble Machine Rental Appointment Software

Online reservation software ideal for bubble machine rental businesses

Bubble Machine Rental Appointment SoftwareWho doesn’t like bubbles?  At a very early age, children love to run around, chasing bubbles and popping them.  They provide entertainment for hours on end, whether it’s dipping a wand into a jar of bubbles and blowing, or purchasing a small bubble machine at the store that will blow multiple streams of bubbles.  All lots of fun, but when it comes to providing a ton of fun, especially at a party, the best bet is to rent a bubble machine that kicks up the enjoyment to another level, and for hours on end.

Try GigaBook’s 

Bubble Machine Rental Appointment Software

One of the easiest ways to schedule the rental of your machines is through GigaBook.  Any time of the day, 24/7, your clients have access to booking online—and it’s all automated.  Once you quickly and easily set up an account, and your customers schedule their appointments, you’ll be able to get notifications on your phone so that you’re not tied down to a specific business location.  Enjoy more of the aspects of running your business than feeling obligated to sitting at a desk.

How can Gigabook help my bubble machine rental business?

  • Your customers can schedule appointments directly from your website
  • Reminders are automatically generated so your customers won’t forget
  • Gigabook can be used on multiple devices—phones, tablet, mobile devices, or desktop and laptops
  • Generate reports and other pertinent information to track business success