Business Appointment Scheduling Software

Information about how and why you should using online software for your client appointment scheduling

Business Appointment Scheduling SoftwareWhether your business is already full speed ahead, or just getting started, the goal should be to continue selling more, while spending less.  Fortunately for business owners of any sized operation, you are living in a golden age of business tools.  One of those useful business tools is business appointment scheduling software.  How many times have you played phone tag with someone that just wants to know when you are available to have a call, meeting or for you to perform the services that your business offers?  How much time, or opportunity have you wasted doing this?  It’s probably quite a bit.

There are A LOT of reasons that you should be utilizing business appointment scheduling software, here are a few of them:

By Making the Process Easy, You Increase Appointment Numbers

This is a simple formula.  We can say and assume that people using use the most convenient, or easy option or path.  So why should scheduling an appointment with you be anything other than SIMPLE!  If you are in a competitive industry or field and you aren’t answering, or can’t answer all of your calls then it is fair to say that your potential clients will keep dialing the phone until they reach someone that does answer the call.  When you offer online scheduling you stop this madness.  Knowing that they have now booked an appointment with you, your clients stop calling other service providers.  Online appointment scheduling is the closest thing the online service shopper can get to instant gratification.  So why not offer it?

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It’s NOT Expensive or Hard to Setup

A frequent and common excuse for not using online appointment scheduling software is that you aren’t a “tech” person or that you don’t have time.  Let’s address both of these weak excuses for not doing business the right way.  First, you don’t need any technical knowledge to have your own appointment scheduling system at your business.  If you are using software by GigaBook, you won’t need any additional equipment, everything runs on our server.  There is nothing to update, change, install or deal with, we do all of that for you.  Pretty cool, right?

In regards to NOT having time to integrate online scheduling at your business…. if the reason you don’t have time is due to the overall workload, appointment flow or other “busy” factors at your business, then you need to take a step back and think about this.  These are ALL reasons why you DO need online appointment scheduling.  Your business has grown to the point where finding any efficiency is a great thing.  When it comes to the profitability of your business you need to sell more, spend less or if done properly, both!  There is no silver bullet that solves a growing business’ needs for efficiency, so you need to start chipping away at all of the various ways you can make a difference!

It’s Just a Better Way of Doing Things

Sure, this isn’t the most descript item on my list, but isn’t it valid?  Utilizing appointment scheduling software in your business is a better way of doing things.  It’s better for your clients, it’s better for your staff and let’s not forget.  It’s better for you.  These kinds of factors actually have a big influence on the long-term growth of your business and your ability to retain clients AND employees.  No one wants to work at a business that is run poorly, disorganized or one that requires it’s employees to regularly complete boring and repetitive tasks.    Knowing this I’ll ask you once more, “Is there a better way to do everything at your business?”

Create More Time for YOU

When I founded GigaBook, I strongly believed that those that used it would be adamant about how much better we made their business.  And yes, that is certainly the case.  But what I didn’t give enough consideration to was how much our users valued the newfound time we gave them back.  In fact, that is without a doubt the number one thing that GigaBook users regularly profess to me.  That they LOVE all of the time that we gave back to them.  We have some users that have stated that they picked up 20 hours a week saved by not having to answer all of the calls, text messages and emails.  On top of the newfound time, these same users usually profess their excitement about no longer needing to perform the least favorite tasks in the business.  If that isn’t a winning situation, then I’m not sure what is.

Online Scheduling is Becoming the Norm

If you aren’t using business appointment scheduling software then you are already falling behind your competition.  Have you noticed your competitors offering online appointment booking?  If you haven’t, you will.  It’s that simple, online appointment scheduling is the way of the future and if you aren’t using it, then you are missing out.  At one point affording, maintaining or implementing appointment software was only possible by big box type businesses.  That is no longer the case, and the number of excuses as to why you aren’t using it is running thin.

You Look Modern and Professional

You should look like you are fully into being into whatever business you are in.  Impressions DO matter, and covers do sell books!  The more you look like you are a player in whatever industry you work in the better.  Therefore using online appointment booking software either on your existing website or maybe as simple as placing a link in your email signature the better.  Too many don’t consider what kind of impression they are making on their clients or future clients.  It DOES matter, so pay attention to it.  Would adding one more paying client or customer each month make a big difference for you?  That might be as easy as tuning up the impression your or your business gives to those scouting your services.  Don’t let something simple get in the way of your path to success!

A Few Minutes Now Can Return Hours Later

Setting up GigaBook only takes a few minutes when you use Smart Start, our intelligent account setup process.  We start by asking you a few Yes/No questions.  Based on the answers you give we are then able to provide you with an account setup process make just for you! This simple act of asking a few questions is the first step to creating HOURS worth of efficiency and savings!

Matt DeCoursey