Business Process Management Tools for Startups 2019

Let''s discuss online business process management tools and the best ones to use!

With the constant need to provide ultimate customer satisfaction, businesses are going great lengths to cope with common business process challenges. These challenges may include customer dependence, money management, and balancing quality with growth. When handled poorly, these challenges—that are supposed to escalate your business—could even cause its bitter end.

Ultimately, it all boils down to smooth and timely business process management. This makes sure that each operational element necessary to keep the business going is handled correctly. 

On that note, smooth and timely business process management may seem like it requires more effort. But with technology, all it takes is a single web application to address multiple business processes. Client management, employee management, bills payment, success tracking, and even notification reminders are just among the processes that a business owner can do to achieve a seamless operation.

Business Process Management and Technology

Digital transformation is leading the movement for many businesses nowadays. Thus, many manual business processes have now been substituted with technology-aided solutions. 

Businesses provide a wide pool of clientele for software companies. Therefore, to improve business processes through technology, many software companies have released applications for business needs. These are examples of businesses that can be automated:

  • Client management. Keeping records and documents for different clients requires a lot of manual work. This process will be much easier once it is automated. You can customize the tools you need to suit the client’s needs.
  • Employee management. Keeping track of the company’s success is also made more efficient when you can centralize the accomplishments of each employee in one app. With online business process tools, it is easier to keep maps of your employees’ performance.
  • Payments, invoicing, and deposits. Business process applications offer automated transactions. Not only does it make payments more accessible, but it also helps you keep track of the cash flow and transaction records.
  • Appointment booking. You can make it easier to keep track of your assets and resources (human or equipment) by automating bookings. Aside from those mentioned, you can also schedule meetings with staff and clients.
  • Notifications. Notifications may seem very simple but they can be a nifty tool to send reminders to your employees. Some things you can notify about are booking confirmations, receipts, and meeting reminders.

By automating your business processes, you can gain many cost-effective benefits that help improve your services. You can save time, customize the processes based on client needs, and make your services very accessible!

Business Process Management Applications for You!

The need to improve business processes calls for improved solutions. Software companies are proactive in using technology to address this need. With this, digital business process management tools are now made available. Here are some widely-used applications:

  • Interfacing—Interfacing offers their Digital Business Transformations Suite (DBTS) that enables users to do process mapping and modeling all in one single platform. Their DBTS platform is responsive on both mobile and tablet as it is on web browsers. They also offer highly-secured cloud-based solutions within the platform, making them one of the most reliable business process applications.
  • Sensus—Sensus offers customizable tools for business processes. They market themselves as champions of simplicity. As complex as some business processes are, their application streamlines the processes to make it easier to use by both businesses and clients.
  • GigaBook—GigaBook, as one of the best appointment scheduling apps of 2019, also offers multiple services apart from appointment bookings. Other processes that are just as important can also be designed using the web application. 

Why GigaBook?

Other web-based business processing tools are just as useful as GigaBook. However, GigaBook offers customization on the tools and processes whether it’s simple or complex. Its simple look and feel makes it very user-friendly and effortless to use. 

Here are other features that make it highly recommended for any type of business:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Business dashboard
  • Online transactions
  • Client scheduling
  • Forms
  • Automated reminders and custom notifications
  • Device responsiveness
  • Multiple locations
  • Success tracking
  • Reports generation
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Third-party calendar compatibility
  • Video tutorials and
  • Intelligent setup

With these features and services, GigaBook has everything that you need to run your business smoothly. You can customize your dashboard and tools however you want so it answers the needs of your business.

You can learn more about GigaBook by visiting the website or sending a message. Take a tour of the platform’s services and you might find the best offer for you!