Campsite Campground Booking Software

Online booking system ideal for campground and campsite reservations

Campsite Campground Booking SoftwareCamping is such a great activity and popular in the warmer months. It’s a great way for both locals and tourists to experience the outdoors in a safe environment. Your campsites might allow for tent camping, RVs, have cabins, or many forms of Glamping.

Your website already explains the type of campsite, park, or campground you can offer including pictures and local activities, but you may be missing one important piece. Online booking. GigaBook is an easy fix that provides an online booking platform that you can fit right onto your existing website. No website yet? No problem! Make one with GigaBook at no additional cost.

Try GigaBook’s Campsite Campground Booking Software

In addition to online booking, GigaBook can help your campsite succeed with tools such as:

  • Online payments accepted at time of booking
  • Email and text reminders for arrival time, departure time, or fun activities
  • An exportable client list so you have record of who is at the campsite on what dates
  • Online promo codes to attract new and repeat customers
  • A to-do list so all employees can check off daily tasks as they are completed
  • Ignite the campfire under your business and help your grounds become more efficient and successful. Use a free trial of GigaBook today!