Career Counselor Appointment Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Career Counselors

Career Counselor Appointment SoftwareEveryone is looking to continuously better themselves. This can be in their physical life, making healthier choices when it comes to eating. This can be with their education, going back to school or starting online degree programs. They can also better themselves in their career moves! There are so many different career opportunities out there, that it can be overwhelming looking and narrow down the career that will be best for them! Being a career coach and counselor, you meet with many individuals on a daily basis seeing a variety of career possibilities. Sometimes meeting with someone could take a couple of hours pending what they see as their career goals, where they are at now and their skill sets. Having to manage all of those appointments on your own can be challenging. Online appointment booking with GigaBook helps you stay organized while still putting forth all your attention on your clients. 

Try GigaBook’s Career Counselor Appointment Software

GigaBook’s online appointment booking software allows your clients to use your website to book appointments with you and your staff. With online appointment software, you are able to stay connected with your clients at all times. When an appointment is scheduled, your clients and staff can receive appointment notifications through email and text. If you meet with clients on a regular basis, you can easily set reoccurring appointments with those clients. With GigaBook, you can sync with third-party calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook helping you stay organized and not overlooking any scheduled event. By creating project lists for your staff, you create efficiencies within your business, completing tasks that might normally not get done. If you hold group classes, your clients can easily sign up for those classes as well. With our invoice and payment system, you can easily notify your clients when they have a payment due. 

With GigaBook’s Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments using your existing website. 
  • Send email and text notification reminders. 
  • Sync with third-party calendars. 
  • Easily set reoccurring appointments with clients. 
  • Schedule group classes. 
  • Create and track invoices. 
  • Create project lists for your staff increasing efficiency!