Carnival Games Rental Software

Online reservation and booking software ideal for carnival games rental businesses

Carnival Games Rental SoftwareEveryone loves a carnival!  The festive atmosphere of playing games—bottle ring toss, knocking down the pyramid of cups to win teddy bears—appeals to young and old alike.  Carnivals are great fundraisers for schools and churches; they reward employees at company events and provide hours of ongoing fun at neighborhood and backyard birthday parties.

Your customers can work on drawing bigger crowds to their event by you being able to offer services that make their work a lot easier.  By using GigaBook, a cloud-based appointment booking platform, your customers can schedule carnival equipment rental real time through your existing website, 24/7.  If you’re out delivering cotton candy and popcorn machines, you’re no longer anchored to your office—appointments are scheduled and text or email reminders are automatically generated so that everyone is on the same page.  No missed or confusing messages.

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GigaBook is here to help your business increase sales and maximize efficiency with an assortment of customizable tools.

  • Gather information during the booking process by customizing forms
  • GigaBook calendar syncs with iCloud, Google and Outlook
  • Quickly and easily create invoices
  • Set up your account with simple, straight-forward instructions
  • Keep both staff and clients in the know with notifications tailored to all parties