Carpet Cleaning Scheduling Software

Online scheduling, appointment and client reminders software for carpet cleaning businesses

Carpet Cleaning Scheduling SoftwareBy nature, carpet cleaning businesses have some difficult challenges due to the nature of servicing customers in the field. Employees are often off-site and managers do not have direct interaction with any of the appointments. Many different parties are involved at different locations, so excellent communication is absolutely essential for successful appointments and repeat customers. Most of the battle comes with the organization for the flow of information. As easy as it might sound, this can be very difficult for many different reasons.

GigaBook provides the opportunity to automate much of the correspondence between manager, technician and customer. When setting an appointment, email and text message notifications can be sent to the technician in the field and the customer. Text message notifications can be extremely helpful as you can customize the content to include any information that technician might need for the upcoming appointment. Also, reduce the chances of the homeowner not being home by sending automated appointment reminders.

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While these are some of the most helpful features, GigaBook also offers many other features that can help create a more efficiency, profitable business.

Integrated To Do List

Since many employees spend considerable time out of the office, a to do list full of upcoming items allows each employee to complete their tasks at a higher rate. As a manager, it also allows some insight on the activities of each employee.

Customizable Promotional Emails

As a carpet cleaning service, repeat business typically takes awhile between cleanings. Keep your customers engaged and attempt to shorten the repeat appointment by utilizing promotional emails. Let you customers know when you want to see them soon. Also, use this system to inform customers about special deals your business might be offering.

Online Booking Application

Give your customers the ability to schedule appointments online based on real dates and times that your business can perform the service. Instead of being chained to a phone taking requests, make sure your customers can book whenever and wherever they would like to do so.

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