Catering Service Booking Software

Online booking software ideal for catering businesses

Catering Service Booking SoftwareWith you and your staff being busy all through the day and night for an event, it does not leave much time for the relaxation or the other joys of life. The preparing, then the hosting, then lastly the clean up… It can be exhausting! Then on top of that, you have to still find time to be on the phone to book more clients so you can do it all again tomorrow night! It is a never ending process. This is your career though, you love the activity, the busyness, and seeing your clients eyes light up when everything is perfect and you were the one to help with that. You may specialize the food you cater, or have a wide variety; either way you know that you can tailor your business to anything the clients need. With staying this busy though, how do you also have time to be on the phone? Im guessing the answer is that you don’t, or at least you don’t very well or happily.

GigaBook is here to make your life easier and more efficient.With GigaBook you can begin to take appointments online in real-time; this way you no longer have to take calls! You can redirect all calls to your online booking site to automatically be accepted so that you never miss a sale! With our notifications and reminders, you can also have emails sent out to your staff or clients to make sure everyone is on time and does not miss and appointment!

Try GigaBook’s Catering Service Booking Software

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Allow your current website to take online appointments
  • Automatically have emails and texts messages send to your clients and your staff
  • Set up recurring events or parties with a click!

The following benefits can be experienced with the use of effective appointment and calendar management:

  • You can decrease no-shows and increase your conversion rate
  • Reminders will increase retention rate and help with business communication
  • Reach max revenue by reducing wasted time on scheduling

Your current website can be a real-time booking website in no time!