Childrens Camp Booking Software

Online booking software for kids camps and other group activities

Camp Booking SoftwareAs summer time grows closer, parents may be scrambling to get their children signed up for a camp so they know their kids are safe and having fun while they are working or getting their day-to-day tasks done. Kids also benefit from the social engagement camp brings as well as experiencing what the camp has to offer whether its an overnight camp or more specific activities like swimming camp, sports camp, art camp, dance camp, religious camp or education camp.

Camp owners and organizations might find the booking process a little daunting, so Gigabook is the perfect solution for efficient and organized online booking for camp. Gigabook is a cloud based booking platform, which can be accessed from anywhere with a computer, tablet, or phone. Your clients can sign up for the camp and even pay to reserve their spot before the camp fills up. And Gigabook even works with your existing website!

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Amazing features Gigabook has to offer:

  • Accept bookings through your existing website
  • Display real-time availability for camp sessions
  • Allow parents to pay at time of booking
  • Parents can book multiple children at once
  • User friendly for employees and clients
  • Email and text message reminders available for counselors and clients


Gigabook can be more than beneficial giving your results such as:

  • Less time spent working on (and less headaches) with booking
  • Staying within specific capacity per camp
  • Ease of use for parents when booking
  • Lower your costs by needing less employees needing to receive phone calls
  • Take camp reservations 24 hours a day