Childrens Fitness Class Booking Software

Online scheduling software ideal for children's fitness classes

Children's Fitness Class Booking SoftwareMany people focus on those fine motor skills for their children, but those gross motor skills are just as important! Not to mention, teaching children at a young age that exercise and staying active is an important part of life (and working off some of that toddler to elementary age energy isn’t a bad trade off for the parents either). So you run a children’s fitness class, which can be a focus for all different ages or different areas of fitness such as a general gym class, yoga, dance, jumping rope, or more.

Parents keeping track of their kids’ schedules can sometimes be a nightmare, so you trying to keep track of all of the kid’s schedules is one step harder than that. Naturally, you keep a calendar of your classes and sign ups, but for only a few dollars a month, you should make life easy and let GigaBook do all that for you.

Try GigaBook’s Children’s Fitness Class Booking Software

GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment and group booking platform that allows your clients to directly book your classes online 24 hours a day right off of your existing website. No more phone calls and explaining you available scheduled. Your clients can see all your availability online and sign up for the classes that fit with their schedule without ever having to bother you.

What tools can GigaBook provide to help my children’s fitness class efficiency?

  • Pre-set class capacities and allow online bookings in real time until class is full
  • Send text and email reminders to prevent no shows to class
  • Accept payments online at time of booking which also prevents no shows
  • Keep notes on your clients in your client list, automatically updated with online bookings
  • Use your to-do list so all employees complete all their tasks by their set due dates
  • Send customized invoices via email for a professional and efficient presentation
  • Make custom online promo codes to attract new clients

These are only some of the tools that GigaBook offers your business for an extremely affordable and scalable subscription. Exercise your right to business efficiency and test out a free trial of GigaBook today!