Clarinet Instructor Lesson Scheduling Software

Online appointment scheduling software ideal for clarinet instrutors

Clarinet Instructor Lesson Scheduling SoftwareThe most promising way to learn to play the clarinet is to find a good teacher and take lessons.  More goes into learning to play the instrument than just making a decent sound come out—things like how to sit, how to hold the instrument, how to breath and relax, and how to control a tone.  As a clarinet teacher, you know all of this and are prepared to work with your students to turn them into great musicians.

Using GigaBook will be a tremendous help to you to minimize your workload and maximize your efficiency.  GigaBook provides online booking so that when you’re holding a lesson with a student, you’re not interrupted or miss phone calls about scheduling or rescheduling lessons.  Notifications are sent out to both you and your student, verifying date and time of appointment so that everyone is on the same page.  Automatic reminders are sent so that your students won’t ‘forget’ about their lessons.

Try GigaBook’s Clarinet Instructor Lesson Scheduling Software

GigaBook works 24/7 to give you the admin help you need:

  • Create invoices and requests payments quickly and easily
  • Create custom forms you can use to collect needed information during bookings
  • Accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, Braintree or
  • Appointments and bookings can be made for both individuals and groups