Classical Guitar Instructor Scheduling Software

Online lesson booking software ideal for classical guitar instructors

Classical Music Instructor Scheduling SoftwareClassical music is very under appreciated in some parts of the world these days, but you can appreciate its beauty and want to share its stories and craft with younger generations. That is why you have become a classical music instructor. Your clients may range in age, but passing the love onto the younger generation will help keep it alive.

You may be busy running your music instruction classes, practicing or performing yourself, and then you have that time-consuming thing called everyday life. You may not have the funds to hire an assistant or secretary, so what alternative do you have? Your questions have been answered with GigaBook, which can help organize your business, your life, and take over some time-consuming business practices such as booking your clients.

Try GigaBook’s Classical Guitar Instructor Scheduling Software

If you already have a website, GigaBook can fit right onto that site as a cloud-based appointment booking platform. If you do not have a website, you can easily make one with GigaBook at no additional cost.

What can GigaBook do for my business of teaching classical music?

  • Send email and text reminders to prevent no-shows for lessons
  • Collect deposits at time of booking which also help prevent no-shows
  • Custom booking forms to collect information you need from clients such as experience or specific interests
  • Exportable clients lists which are automatically updated with each online booking
  • Customize promo codes to promote new business

You may teach a classical genre, but you don’t have to have a classically out-of-date business. GigaBook can offer you organization and timesaving practices for an unbeatable price. Try out a free trial of GigaBook today!