Client Relationship Management Websites

Cloud based CRM for small and medium sized businesses

CRM  Customer Relationship ManagementThe time old argument asking what the most important part of a business is can be debated with many different viewpoints. Many will argue that their position in an organization is by far the most important, but one argument cannot be refuted. Customers are essential in creating any business situated near any service industry. Since customers are such an important part of creating a flourishing business, managing these relationships should be considered a high priority.

Over time, the ability to manage customer relationships has become more and more streamlined and intuitive. Client Relationship Management (CRM) websites have made this process easier by offering the organization and abilities that were difficult to manage through old spreadsheets and pieces of paper in a file. Use of this type of website can bring the relationship with a client to a whole new level.

All businesses realize that the acquisition of a customer can be expensive, so turning existing customers into repeat customers is a huge step to increasing revenue. Clients are more likely to return based on how an experience with a specific business is perceived. Little things can be very important for creating a positive experience with a customer.

Use GigaBook to maintain your client list with the ability to do many of the following customer relationship management related activity:

  • Keep important customer information in a consolidated area
  • Log email, face to face and phone correspondence with a touch of a button
  • Maintain notes specific to a client or particular previous experience
  • Know important information such as birthdays and other person information
  • Quickly view all past, present and future appointments for any client


Use this collection of information to create the best possible experience for each customer. Simply greeting customers on a birthday or referring to a previous appointment can make a customer feel a personal connection with the business.

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