College Professor Appointment Software

Appointment booking software ideal for College Professors and Educators

College Professor Appointment SoftwareFor years upon years there has always been the struggle of having time to meet with all of your students and to make sure all of your students get all of the time they need. The role of a college professor is to teach the material and critical thinking skills necessary to have your students succeed in their future. Everyone understands though, that not all students are able to learn and grasp the material in the same ability or time span as others. So professors allow office hours to students who need extra help or a need to just speak with the professor.

As a college professor, you know that your office hours are either extremely over or under-booked. Having multiple students talk about a test or not see a student for an hour. Gigabook can help correlate a flow of students so that their are never too many at once. This will also allow you to have a better idea of who you will be meeting with that day so you can plan and set any necessary preparations for them.

As a professor, you are tremendously busy, this will help you organize your time outside of class so that you can always be able to make and adjust plans without missing anyone.

Try GigaBook’s Appointment Software for College Professors for free!

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Accept appointments and meetings through a personal website
  • Create and customize your own mini-site
  • Send students or colleagues reminders by text messages or emails
  • Send yourself text messages or email reminders
  • Notify others about changes to appointments and reschedules
  • Set up repeat appointments with a click of a button
  • Track the follow through of appointments

If you offer study sessions or group help, you can manage the size of the groups through GigaBook’s Group Setting Booking Tool. You can set customizations and specifications with GigaBook while it also tracks the progress of the class enrollment.

Through effective appointment and calendar management, you should notice the following benefits with your time and students engagement

  • Higher appointment volume by reducing no-shows
  • Higher engagement rate though ease of scheduling and meeting
  • Increased retention rate with reminders and communication for students