Computer Programmer Appointment Software

Service scheduling software for computer programming contractors

Computer Programmer Appointment SoftwareFor all the computer programers of this new age, this is for you! You have self taught yourself into the fastest and most needed industry in the world. Something that we haven’t seen since in industrial revolution. We now see computer programers being in the forefront of the “best jobs” we have ever seen. Places like Google and Apple being ranked as the some of the worlds best places to work, and the programers are the leaders for that. So with all of this fame, you want to make some fortune too; and there is zero shortage of people who want to learn the craft. Now you have a computer programing class to make even more.

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Now you have a problem, where did all of your time go? With your career and your side business, you have found yourself with no free time! This is were GigaBook is here to help. GigaBook has created this booking platform s you can customize it perfectly to you, so you can maximize the efficiencies of your business. With GigaBook, you can have your time back. You can allow your busy business to begin taking appointments online. This way you never have to worry about keeping your old planner or 3 different calendars around trying to schedule everyone.

GigaBook also allows the unique feature of group booking. Here you have the ability to have classes to the size that you wish and have everyone still book online. Everything about this platform is able to be customized so it can mirror the image of your new business.

Another time saving feature that will absolutely change the way you communicate with your students…automated notifications and reminders. This is allow you to preset when emails or text messages go out to your students to either let them know that they have an appointment, or to remind them that one is about to come up. These can also be set for you too! You can be automatically notified when a student books with you or with appointments are coming up.

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