Costume Rental Booking Software

Online reservation software for costume rental businesses

Costume Rental Booking SoftwareYou have racks full of costumes for rent, and may not be sure the best way to make them accessible for your customers. Costume rental is popular for holidays, birthdays, children’s parties, and other special events but many customers may not know how to find them or what is available. With an online booking platform, you can display all of your costume options, show when they are available for rent, and even allow your customers to book them right there on your website.

GigaBook is the online booking platform that you have been looking for. You can fit GigaBook right onto your existing website, or make a new page at no additional cost.

Try GigaBook’s Costume Rental Booking Software

In addition to online booking, GigaBook can help you:

  • Send text and email reminders for pick up and drop off of rentals
  • A to-do list for daily tasks, cleaning, or re-stocking items
  • Custom invoices can be sent and paid online
  • Deposits or payments can be collected at time of booking
  • Custom promo codes can be made for new and repeat business

As others dress in costume, be a business professional with a modern website and efficient company. Start a free trial of GigaBook today and see how easy it is to be a leader in your industry.