Create, Send Customer Invoices using GigaBook

GigaBook invoicing and payment management help

You can use your GigaBook account to quickly and easily create invoices and take payments for your services.  You can either create invoices automatically when an appointment successfully occurs or your can choose to create invoices manually via your event or appointment panels.  All of your invoices and the status of their payment can easily be tracked and managed through your invoice management page.

You can easily customize and set defaults for your net payment terms, sales tax, whether to automatically email customer invoices and whether or not the length of your service affects your billing amounts!

Manage all your current and past invoices on this page of your GigaBook Account

Manage your invoice default or setup of Stripe credit card processing here

You can open any appointment or event in your account and easily create a new invoice when you see this window appear:

GigaBook Invoice Form

If you need help with your invoicing and payment settings please email or setup a support appointment