Creating a Contact Form for your Website, Blog or Facebook page

How to create a contact form for your website using your GigaBook account

Do you have a website, blog or Facebook page that you would like to use to collect information from visitors?  Do you want to improve the functionality of your existing contact form?  You can easily do both as a GigaBook subscriber.  Through the use of the Contact Form Creator in your account you can easily create your own forms and use the coding provided on your own website, blog or other page.  All you need to do is paste the Contact Form coding on your website and you will be ready to go!

Now that you have created your new Contact Form things are closer than ever to being on auto-pilot for you.  Anytime a client makes a contact request you will be immediately notified and the information from your inquiring party will also be placed into your GigaBook Client list so you can easily keep track of your new business prospects.  While there are a lot of Contact Forms out there that you can use on your website the GigaBook Contact Form works in congress with the rest of your GigaBook account.  No more manually adding your new leads to various contact manager applications, your new client will be ready to go once you start creating appointments associated with them.

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In addition to creating client forms, GigaBook also helps you create online applications for booking and scheduling appointments, create group bookings and you can also create custom branded emails to use to remind your clients, customers and staff of upcoming appointments.  In addition you can automate the appointment reminder process easily and effectively.

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