CSS Cursor Tester

CSS Cursor Tester online web developer tool

Not happy with your average cursor? Looking for something that does more than points on the screen? GigaBooks offers a CSS Cursor Tester that allows you to select from over 35 different cursor options based upon the function you are wanting to perform.

The CSS cursor has options from crosshair pointers, help pointers, zoom in and out pointers, plus over 35 other options to choose from. With different pointer options, you can customize your web design to best meet the needs of your clients. Once you have selected the cursor that fits what you are looking for, the CSS cursor with generating the necessary code for you to use in your web design.

GigaBook offers this tool plus over 40 other tools to choose from for your web design. All of our tools are developed for easy use and gives you the flexibility to be creative in your web design without the challenges that come with writing code. All of these tools are FREE to use once you have signed up for our developer tools. GigaBook is an appointment booking software we hope you and your clients keep in mind when it comes to appointment booking needs.

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CSS Cursor Tester