CSS Nth-Child Tester

CSS Nth-Child Tester web developer tool

Do you have a CSS collection of items that you are having a hard time selecting? With the CSS nth-child tester selecting items has never been easier! With this tool offered by GigaBook, you are able to select items using many options. Items can be selected by both even and odd, items can also be selected by 2n+1, 4n+1, 5n+2, as well as other options.

Using the CSS nth-child tester tool selecting items has never been easier. Once you have selected the items you want, you are able to copy the CSS and apply it to your web design. With the CSS nth-child tester, you are also able to select specific items. Before the CSS nth-child tool items had to be selected through extra CSS classes and HTML, with the CSS nth-child tool extra CSS classes and HTML are no longer needed, making your web design simple!

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